travel clean, travel well, travel the world with the pocketable aqua vessel


Enjoy the best design and functions  brought together

to keep you feeling fresh and clean all day long wherever you’re heading.


So you like to fly. That is great.

train journeys

Love train journeys? So do many.


Luxury hotel or a budget one. What about the amenities?


Cruise voyage of a lifetime?
never let toilet trauma flash away

your travel dreams

travelling can be a daunting experience. On top of the hustle and bustle of the journey to and from the destination, you have to cope with using waterless toilet facilities.

fragant eau de toilette will only make you

smell good

to be properly clean though, the best method is to use d’eau – that’s French for water!

any colour, as long as there is a water vessel!

Fancy or expensive toilet paper will not do the job. Having water available to use will ensure you are hygienically clean. Click on the button below to learn more on the history of the water vessel.

Bodna history

introducing the pocketBODNA®

A spherical vessel or container to hold water for use in personal hygiene. That’s the definition of a bodna. So what is the pocketBODNA® ?

Compact and pocketable

Innovative design utlising modern materials to produce a vessel capable of carrying up to a litre of water. Compact, lightweight and pocketable.

Exquisitely designed

Designed with the user in mind. Every aspect of the design has been fully thought out: from the touch of the material to the engineering of the parts that together form the whole.

Fit for purpose

Design and mobility is nothing if the product does not serve its purpose. The pocketBODNA® excels in every one of its use criteria.

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work in progress…

we are working hard to bring the pocketBODNA® to you as soon as possible. Bear with us.

Our aim is to bring the pocketBODNA® to you in the summer of 2018. If you would like further information or just want to contact us, please use the contact form below to email us.

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